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Membership Information

To become a member, please complete the Registration form.

Member Type 1st Year Fee Renewal Fee Membership Benefits
Individual $20.00 $10.00/yr
  • list kennel on the AGS Breeder Page
  • register gerbils with the AGS
  • access the Facebook group(ask questions, visit, give advise, advertise gerbils for adoption)
  • download and use the AGS pedigree
  • participate in AGS sponsored events and functions
  • vote in elections for AGS Board and Committee Members
Family $35.00 $17.50/yr
  • ...plus voting privileges for two age 13+ members
Junior $10.00 $5.00/yr
  • one non-voting membership for age 13+ youth plus kennel name, FB group access & publications

Membership Process

  1. A name, email and postal address are required information.
  2. A kennel or clan name is optional for pet or companion gerbils but will be required when you register your gerbils for show purposes. If you plan to show, we recommend selecting your kennel name now.
  3. Membership processing is a purely manual process performed by volunteers. We have jobs, families, and a lot of gerbils to care for, so we appreciate your patience! We strive to enroll new members as quickly as possible; however it may take 10-14 days for processing.
  4. When your membership is processed, you will receive an email with your user ID and password, which will allow you to access the Member area of the site.
  5. Members under 13 must have parental permission.

To join the AGS, please continue to our Registration page.

A word to AGS Members in California
If you live in CA and plan to join, we urge you to read this. Gerbils are illegal in California.

Breeder Listing
Looking for a good gerbil breeder? Check out our listing of gerbil breeders.


The AGS Board of Directors are elected officers, and hold their offices for a period of three years. If you would like to get to know the current AGS officers visit our Meet the Committee page. You will also find links to contact Board Members on that page.

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