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Kennel Names

AGS members have the opportunity to have their own "kennel" name. You do not have to be a breeder to have a kennel name, but we do recommend that anyone who plans to breed or show choose a kennel name right away. Please keep it brief, under 20 characters if possible. Also please include your preferred abbreviation (i.e. Amazing Gerbils = AG’s. Many "obvious" kennel names have already been adopted, so look over the breeder pages before choosing one. If you choose the same name or abbreviation as another member, you will eventually be asked to change it. When you register gerbils, please note the abbreviation this way: Amazing Gerbils (AG’s), or Amazing Gerbils (Amazing’s). So, a gerbil bred by Amazing Gerbils might be AG’s Sugar Sweet, or Amazing’s Sugar Sweet.

It's considered a courtesy between members to keep the initials of the kennel that bred a gerbil in its show name. So if the breeder FurBabys (FBB) adopted a gerbil from Amazing Gerbils (AG), he or she might register the new gerbil as "FBB's AG Sugar Sweet" or "FBB's AG's Sugar Sweet". If the gerbil changes hands again, the breeder's abbreviation should be retained. You don't have to continue adding new abbreviations for each kennel that the gerbil passes through: the breeder's and the current owner's are all that are needed.

Paying for your membership

After you fill out your registration below (hosted by Wufoo), you'll be presented with a Paypal button to make payment immediately. If you prefer to pay by check, just click that link on that screen and send your check to:

The American Gerbil Society, Inc.
2283 Barker Ct. NE,
Albany, OR 97321-9507

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