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Parental Permission Form For Junior Membership

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your pre-teen age child has contacted us requesting admission to the American Gerbil Society, Inc. (AGS) as a junior member. Current AGS policy requires all pre-teen age applicants to obtain written permission from a parent or legal guardian as a requirement for membership. Junior members pay half the annual dues of full members. All information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with third parties.

The AGS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating gerbil breeders, caregivers and enthusiasts. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and varied ages from pre-teens to senior citizens. AGS members enjoy access to the AGS Facebook group, which provides an entertaining and enriching forum for the exchange of information. The leadership of the AGS fosters a sense of responsible community and behavior on the Facebook page, but we cannot control all of its content.

Libby Hanna,
American Gerbil Society Inc.

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Parental Permission Form For Junior Membership

I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I am the parent or legal guardian of _______________________________, who is under the age of thirteen (13) years. I hereby grant permission for him/her, to become a junior member of the AGS.

I acknowledge that a child cannot be fully responsible for the welfare of animals, and that I also agree to abide by the AGS Code of Ethics and provide sufficient supervision to be certain that its requirements are fully met for the gerbils in our home.

I also acknowledge that neither I nor _______________________________, have been solicited in anymanner by the AGS to join. I accept the responsibility of paying the yearly AGS dues, and understand they are non-refundable.

Parent Signature _____________________________________

Date: ____________________________


Please print, sign and scan this form, then attach to your membership application. If you cannot scan, you can mail this form to:

The American Gerbil Society, Inc.

The American Gerbil Society, Inc.
C/O 2283 Barker Ct. NE,
Albany, OR 97321-9507

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