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2018 10th Annual Mid-Atlantic Show
January 26-27, 2018
World of Pets Expo
Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD

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You will need to follow these steps to show at the 10th Annual Mid-Atlantic Show.

Eligible Animals

Kennels are limited to entering a total of ten gerbils in the show. Animals born on or after October 27, 2017 and on or before December 16, 2017 are eligible for the Juvenile (Pup) Class for this show. Animals born on or before July 26, 2015 may be shown in the Senior class.

Additions, Scratches and Substitutions

Changes to your show roster will be allowed only using registered animals (those who have a valid AGS ID number assigned before the show) and only at the discretion of the On-site Show Secretary. The show secretary will consider class size and composition when deciding whether or not to allow changes. Decisions of the On-site Secretary are final.

Quarantine Requirements

All show participants must adhere to strict quarantine and health standards. Please read the Health Page carefully before registering your gerbils.

Pre-payment and Refund Policy

The AGS expends considerable financial and volunteer resources on each show, and depends on the attendance of members to make shows work. For that reason, pre-payment of show fees are required and full refunds will be offered only through the refund deadline of Saturday, January 20. The only exception is for kennels who must scratch after the deadline for reasons of animal health.

Show Pens

Gerbil show pens must be a medium-sized "Kritter Keeper". All gerbil show pens should be filled with white carefresh and contain some food and a baby carrot as a substitute water source. It is important that show pens be as indistinguishable as possible for the sake of fairness. Please remove any obvious markings or distinguishing characteristics from show cages other than the AGS-provided show ID tag.

On the Show Floor

An AGS Show is a chance for us to demonstrate high quality gerbil care to the public. Your table should convey this message. Tanks and equipment should be clean and serviceable. Animals on members' tables must have access to water. Carrots are a fine substitue water source for travel and while in the show box, but are insufficient for a show's full duration. We invite you to create educational materials and to decorate and label your tanks in a way that conveys your love for your gerbils. These subtle messages do make an impression on visitors.

At the end of each show day, please clean up your area, dispose of all trash and remove anything but essential equipment to the space below your table. The show organizers will appreciate your willingness to help clean up and secure AGS tables, equipment and merchandise at the end of each day.

New This Year

Champions' Class

A for-fun only competition between Champion gerbils to see who's still Got It. Ribbons will be awarded but no points. This class will be used as an educational opportunity for the public to see what a Champion gerbil looks like. Bring your heavy-hitters. Champion entries do not count against your minimums. Maximum of two champions per exhibitor.

Special Considerations for an Exhibition Style Show

Unlike the Southeast, Midwest and New England shows which are solely under the control of the AGS, this show takes place within a public exhibition organized by the World of Pets Expo. Exhibition-style shows give the AGS the opportunity to educate great numbers of people about showing gerbils. In order to make the event as interesting, educational and accessible to the public as possible, an Exhibition Style show differs from an AGS show in the following ways.

Exhibition Show Format

In an exhibition style show, judges announce the results of their classes as the classes are completed. This format generates interest and excitement as results are announced throughout the day. It also gives the judges many opportunities to educate the constantly-moving crowd about how gerbils are being judged.

To prevent personal considerations from influencing the judges' class and Best in Show decisions, we ask that participants make an effort not to let on whose gerbil is whose as the judges announce the winners of each class. This helps the judges retain their impartiality for the Best in Show decision yet to come.

Limitations on Merchadise Selling

The World of Pets Expo sells space to vendors who wish to sell merchandise to the large crowds that attend the Expo. Because the Expo provides our exhibit space to the AGS for education and entertainment purposes, only AGS branded merchandise can be sold in the AGS booth. While the exchange of merchandise between our many talented members is a beloved aspect of gerbil shows, we ask that members arrange for merchandise exchanges off-floor.

Limitations on Animal Sales/Adoptions

The World of Pets Expo wishes to encourage careful and responsible pet ownership. In general, people do not come to the Expo expecting to adopt or purchase pets. Consequently, such sales and adoptions are more likely to be impulsive. For this reason, the Expo requests that AGS members make no adoptions or sales of animals from the Expo floor. Exhibitors are welcome to display business cards or pamphlets and encourage potential customers to meet them outside the show hall and hours for animal sales or adoptions. Members are free to make discreet exchanges of animals between themselves as this is an important opportunity for us at shows.

Participant Displays Encouraged!

This show represents one of the AGS's best opportunities to pass along gerbil care tips. Please consider developing (or re-using) a static or interactive display to educate attendees on important gerbil husbandry topics. Contact the Show Coordinators for advice, ideas and guidelines.

Show Status

AGS Shows can be either Fun Matches or Sanctioned Shows. Points toward championships are awarded only at sanctioned shows. The determination of whether a show has sufficient entries (both members and gerbils) to be a sanctioned show can only be decided after the registration deadline. Participants should enter the show understanding that the show status (Fun Match or Sanctioned) cannot be determined far in advance.

Space is Limited!

Our exhibit space will be tight. Please limit the number of animals you bring only to those showing and companions. Please bring animals to the show in housing in which they will be comfortable (including water for non-show gerbils) but which takes up the minimum foot-print. In order to encourage maximum participation, we begin by limiting members to one-half table. When possible, we will provide additional table space to participants who request it on a first-come, first-served basis. Please "think compact" as you plan your entries.

Venue Considerations

Once checked in on Friday, animals must remain in the show hall until the end of the show Saturday. Because the show hall is essentially unheated, all animals must move on Friday night from the show tables to the heated vendor lounge. The lounge is at the opposite end of the hall. Participants are advised to consider size, weight, and the number of animals when deciding which type of housing they wish to use. Bear in mind animals will be in close quarters with those from other kennels during this time. The moving of gerbils to and from the heated room is a cooperative exercise involving all participants, their family member volunteers, and their animals - "all hands on deck". Please plan time in your Friday evening and Saturday morning to help with this important animal safety step.

Traveling with Gerbils

If you will be traveling any distance with your gerbils, please read our advice regarding traveling with gerbils before you plan your trip.

Can Someone Else Show My Gerbils For Me?

Members may show up to five gerbils without attending the show themselves. You should generally show only gerbils that a) have previous show points and are working toward a championship, or b) will be shown in a class or category in which you currently have points and are working toward a Breeder’s Certificate. All gerbils being shown in absentia must be pre-registered and paid in advance. Please read the detailed instructions about showing unaccompanied gerbils before you make your plans.

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