American Gerbil Society

AGS Virtual Show 2014

July 15 - Sept. 5, 2014

Thank you to all of our officals! There could be no virtual show without you!


AGS Judges

Libby Hanna

Donna Anastasi

Katie Johnson

Leigh Dibden

NGS Judges

Jackie Roswell

Julian Barker


Fiona Martin

Web Team

Fiona Martin

Dana Halbert

Libby Hanna

First Place, Best in Class & Best In Show

CC's Yang

Fiona Martin - Toronto, Canada

Male White


Judges Comments

Big, beautiful male. This males topline is very smooth. He is big and strong, and well built. I would not want to see him any bigger. Head is nice and broad with a shapely roman nose. Eyes are almond shaped and are proportionate to his head. The tail seems a bit short. The tuft is very good, though the hairs start to lift a bit late. He is not the purest white, and this may be due to shadows and the background having low contrast with his fur, a darker background would help him stand out better.

Handsome!! Such a nice bulk and gorgeously clean white coat. Excellent head-set and breadth of face. Beautiful eyes, lovely shape. Tiny bit of shading (colored hairs) at the base of tail. But a nice tail, tufty... I would take him home!

Best Opposite & Best In Show Opposite

SStar's GL JAM Petrel

Danielle Cromer - Florida, USA

Female Spotted Black


Judges Comments

Very nice profile on this gerbil, shows bags of personality. Good head, bold eye and good ears. Colour is good. Spots are well defined and well placed, with no dark hairs in them. Good socks on the feet. Nice long tail and tuft, although the tuft could do with having more white in it.