AGS Virtual Show 2017

Results - CLASS Champions: Younger

Judge: Kaitlyn Cepeda, Maine, USA

Entries: 238 283 286 287 288 317

First Place

ABC's Twyla

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachusetts, USA

Mottled Black Female


Judges Comments:

Wow, such a striking pattern! Well-mottled, pretty little girl. She looks playful in the first shot.


Second Place

ABC's Suki

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachusetts, USA

Burmese Female


Judges Comments:

Beautiful solid shape and straight topline. Pretty dark points. Nice whiskers. Very sweet in first pic.


Third Place

ABC's Kaleidoscope

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachuetts, USA

Mottled Black Male

Judges Comments:

Nice handsome guy with a straight topline. Attractive mottling pattern.


SRG's Blue Re

Owner: Libby Hanna, Florida, USA

Blue Male

Judges Comments:

Big handsome, solid male. White bracelets and molting.


ABC's Destiny

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachuetts, USA<

Siamese Female

Judges Comments:

Such pretty color. I wish she was in better focus so I could see her tail tip and points clearly.


ABC's Maya

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachusetts, USA

Schimmel Female

Judges Comments:

Nice head, well set into body. Pretty whiskers. Too bad, I think the flash washed out her color. I'd like to see her in person.