AGS Virtual Show 2017

Results - CLASS Spot and Other

Judge: Amy Paben, Oregon, USA

Entries: 220 221 229 238 240 282

First Place

ABC's Jade

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachusetts, USA

Black Spot Male


Judges Comments:

Nice bulk on this guy! Very nice spotting pattern. Tail is very straight, good tuft. All good here!


Second Place

Iorveth du Mérione Merveilleux

Owner: Fanny Van Rysselberghe, Gironde, France

Dilute Agouti Spot Male


Judges Comments:

Very nice spotting pattern. Good body type, well on his way to bulking up. Eyes are a bit rounder. Tuft is very nice.


Third Place

SRG's Volga

Owner: Libby Hanna, Florida, USA

CPGA Spot Female


Judges Comments:

Very nice feminine body type. Good tail & tuft. Eyes are a bit round compared to the standard. Spots are not that visible except in top view.


HH Rebelle ABC

Owner: Cynthia Kurtz, Maine, USA

Silver Point Female


Judges Comments:

Nice build on this girl. Tail length is very good. Slender tuft. Eyes slightly rounded.


Camouflage of Little Runners'

Owner: Nicole Andres, Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Honey Cream Female


Judges Comments:

Hard to judge her build in these photos, could she possibly be pregnant? Also hard to get a good look at tuft. Nice almond shaped eye. Tail is a good length.


Wakanda du Mérione Merveilleux

Owner: Fanny Van Rysselberghe, Gironde, France

Schimmel Female


Judges Comments:

Lovely creamy color on body, although feet don't show point color. Very slight dip at shoulders from side view. Eyes a bit rounder than the standard.