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Welcome to Gerbopolis, where our passion for gerbils brings us—and hopefully you—a lot of joy! We're four sisters from Chandler, Arizona, dedicated to raising the happiest and healthiest gerbils in our lovingly crafted habitats.

At Gerbopolis, it's all about teamwork. Together, we blend our skills to ensure every aspect of our operation shines—from habitat design and daily gerbil care to managing our digital community where gerbil enthusiasts can connect. 

Our mission? To ensure that each of our gerbils lives a vibrant and fulfilling life. Whether you’re looking to welcome a new furry family member or just curious about proper gerbil care, we're here to help. Our doors are always open for fellow gerbil lovers who want to join in our mission of spreading joy and education about these delightful creatures. Thank you for visiting us, and we hope you feel as excited about gerbils as we do!

Warmest wishes,

The Gerbopolis Team

Adoptable Gerbils


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