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Angel's Burrow Gerbils



Angel's Burrow Gerbils

AGS registered gerbil breeder in Ontario, Canada

(Updated 06/04/24)


About Us

We produce beautiful, high-quality, ethically-bred gerbils, specializing in colorpoints, dilutes & curly-coated (rex) varieties. All our gerbils are bred with high standards of health and temperament. We gently hand-raise our pups and socialize them in an enriched environment to ensure they are tame & well-rounded pets by the time they are ready for adoption.



We offer adoptions & reservations for gerbils over 8 weeks of age. All Angel's Burrow adopters can optionally receive an adoption certificate & pedigree for your new gerbils. We will provide you with a comprehensive gerbil care brochure, and you will receive a lifetime support guarantee for your gerbils. To inquire about adoptions and available pups, reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram.



We offer delivery to most US states as well as parts of Canada. For more information on delivery & transportation options, message us on Facebook and Instagram.


Contact Us


Facebook: Angel's Burrow Gerbils

Instagram: @angelsburrow (where we post adorable photos & videos of our pups!)

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