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Moonstone Gerbils



Generally speaking we have gerbils available year round for adoption. Adoption hours are Monday-Friday 6 pm– 7pm and most anytime on the weekend. During the summer and fall you may be able to meet me in New Hampshire.

I am terrible about email. Plain and simple I just don’t check it in a timely fashion. For a fast response please call or text me. 

If you are curious about what gerbils may be available you should visit our facebook page to see some our available gerbils.

I breed gerbils for exhibition. Gerbils are judged on their body type, color, and temperament. I focus on breeding gerbils that fit these standards and also make great companions for people. More so than other breeders I tend to breed for specific colors, I do try to create pairs of gerbils that are different colors.

Recently I have focused on breeding towards Himalayan and Patch.


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