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Ohana Gerbils


We breed quality gerbils that are known to be friendly, colorful, and energetic. Our gerbils are show class and are available to the gerbil community for competitions as well as to families who would love great pets. We are a registered gerbil breeder in the state of Michigan and a proud member of the American Gerbil Society.


Our business began as a hobby in 2009 when we adopted our first pair of gerbils from a local pet store. Our interests quickly grew and we bought our first breeding pair in 2014 to start our own line of show-quality gerbils. These furry little creatures have swiftly found their way into our hearts. As new litters of pups arrive, we hope to sell them to fellow gerbil-lovers who share our admiration for this species. Ohana means “family,” and that is exactly what these gerbils are to us. We hope you enjoy browsing through the gerbil pictures and information.

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