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Libby Hanna

and Cathy Bickel

Co-breeding is the practice of two owners each contributing a gerbil to a breeding pair, with an agreement to return the gerbil out on loan along with one or more pups, should any pups result.


Before deciding to co-breed, owners should familiarize themselves with the basics of gerbil care, pup development, introduction techniques and gerbil genetics. Parents should be selected with some care, to ensure healthy pups with good dispositions in the desired colors.


Enter into a co-breeding arrangement with someone you trust, who will put the animals' needs first. A vet should be agreed upon in advance and decisions made about sharing the cost of any necessary vet visits. Discuss when and where the loaned gerbil will be returned. Definite decisions about how many pups will be returned with the parent won’t usually happen until and if the pups arrive and you can see the resulting colors and sexes, but a discussion of hopes and expectations can be had.

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