Register Gerbils for Show


SHOW ENTRIES - This page describes how to enter gerbils in the November 5, 2022 MidWest show. If you have additional questions or any issues, please email Diane Nott regarding your entries or this show at 

NOTE: Quarantine starts October 8, 2022

In this show AGS Members may enter up to 10 gerbils ($3 each entry). Entries must be submitted on or before Monday October 24, 2022.


Gerbils must be registered and have a registration ID: View Registered Gerbil    Register New Gerbil


For this show you will create an Excel spread sheet of your entries using the fields below:

(NOTE: Alternatively, you can submit a text file with each field separated by a comma.)

Exhibitor's Name, Kennel Name, Gerbil ID (e.g., XYZ001), Gerbil Name, Coat (Standard or Rex), Class, Color, Gender, birthdate

(Gerbils born between August 5th to September 24, 2022 can be shown in the pup class)

Seniors need to be at least 2.5 years old to compete in Senior Class. 

Gerbil entries are $3 each - Rex is now standard! (ribbons and show points will be awarded) 

Please indicate in the email if you would like a half table for $15 or a full table for $25

The Show Secretary will be collecting the entry and table fees on Friday/setup. 

Finally in the email we need to know if you will be coming to dinner Saturday night and the number in your party so we can give the restaurant a count. We will be going out to dinner after the show.​

Send your list of entries, table size needed, total $$ to be collected, and the number in your dinner party to the Show Secretary:

Diane Nott at