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At the Show

Upon arriving to the venue, the first thing you will do is to leave your gerbils and equipment in your car (or if you arrived early in your hotel room). Do not bring your gerbils or equipment to the show hall until you have checked in with the Health Inspectors. They will either have a sign-up sheet or will give you an estimate for when you can bring your gerbils down. You may take your gerbils to the hotel room to wait. Do not leave your gerbils in the car. 


When it is your turn to bring your gerbils and equipment down, please bring them to the Health Inspection table. Stack all gerbils on the table neatly, with their cage tags visible. Place any large equipment on the floor. Once all your belonging are ready the HI team will begin inspecting your kennel. During this time you should step away from the area. If the HI team needs to ask you a question they will come and get you. If there are any known issues please flag them to the HI team on their cage tags. 

Health Inspection