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2024 Virtual Show Entry -

Entries Accepted Now through August 1, 2024

Part of the virtual show that makes it unique is the medium it is done in. Judging is based entirely on what is in the photo. If you submit a photo that  cuts off the tail, or the feet are not visible, you may lose points. If a photo is blurry or unclear you may also lose points. Taking crisp and clear images is important for your gerbil to do well. Please send pictures as is. No alterations please. Pictures submittted must have been taken from May 1, 2024. Pet photos are excluded from this rule.


All Exhibition entries should be taken on a WHITE or BLACK background, preferably using a lightbox. Gerbils taken on a background that is not white or black or photos that do not have sufficient resolution are difficult to judge and may not ribbon.

Please use email to enter your gerbils into the 2024 Virtual Show. Make sure to check that all your information and your gerbil's information is correct, following the guidance below.

AGS members may enter up to 8 Gerbils into the Exhibition Class, and 4 gerbils into Pet Class. 

Non-members may enter up to 3 Gerbils into the Exhibition Class, and 3 gerbils into Pet Class. 

We run this show as a fun event that we are pleased to offer it each year.  We appreciate your support and enthusiasm and would encourage you to make a donation. Anyone making a donation in any amount will be entered into a raffle for a knitted gerbil in your color of choice.

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Exhibition Entry - Send one email for each entry

These photos will be judged using the American Gerbil Society show standards. For each entry indicate: Your name, Location, Gerbil Registration ID (if applicable), Kennel (if applicable), Email, Gerbil's Name, Age, Gerbil Sex, Coat, Class and Color. The fields below are read-only to give you more information on the required information. Also attach photos of the gerbil using the guidance below. Send the required information and photos via email to:
Gerbil's Sex

Exhibition Photos

Attach to the email the following photos: Front (Face), Profile (Body Side), Aerial (Top Down). Aerial photos are required for spotted classes (spot, pied, mottled). Label the photos the name of the gerbil followed by _front, _side, and _top, e.g, ABC's Serendipity_front 

Pet Class - One email for each entry

These photos will be judged on the following categories: artistic, posed, candid, educational, adorableness. The judges with determine what category(ies) a photo fits into. Indicate: Your name, Location, Email, Gerbil's name and attach a single photo labeled with the name of the gerbil followed by _pet class. Email the required information and photo to:

If you have any questions, please contact

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