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Judges Training Application


As a judge you will make many sacrifices. You will no longer be able to enter any class that you want.

Judges are expected to be reliable. The show schedule is created around the judges availability. You will be expected to be present at two live shows a year. Judges who attend less than two shows a year may be subject to loss of status.

You have a passion for gerbils and showing gerbils. You find it hard to imagine a scenario where gerbils are no longer in your life. You want to learn more about gerbil showmanship and to help educate others. Your duties with the AGS will not be limited to just judging, you will find yourself in a position of both respect and authority. You will likely absorb other critical functions within the AGS.

Public Speaking

As a judge you will need to be able to talk about gerbils to the exhibitors. You will be expected to present your findings.

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