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SurfShack Gerbils

Ocean Isle Beach


SurfShack Gerbils is dedicated to breeding colorful, healthy, friendly pet gerbils! But our breeding efforts have been momentarily paused after rescuing a large number of gerbils. There are several young adult gerbils for adoption and a litter ready soon.

Adoptable Gerbils

Smoke, Foggy, and Mist


Young Adult



These 3 boys were not bred by me, but were part of a large rescue when a novice breeder got in over their head. The trio consists of a solid black, sapphire, and lilac. These guys are likely brothers and are not more than 6 months old. They are still getting used to being handled, but are very curious and not at all nippy. After a 1 month quarantine, they appear to be healthy and get along well.


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