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Thelodar Gerbil Clan



I have owned gerbils for over 20 years and have recently entered the world of gerbil breeding. I am a small scale breeder with occasional litters. My focus is on breeding and raising healthy, friendly, tame gerbils that make excellent pets.

Adoptable Gerbils

Norah & Fiona





Norah and Fiona are looking for a new home! Norah is about 1 year old and is a pet store rescue that was given to me after a tail injury left her unsellable. Her tail has a small bump in it where it was orignally damaged, but it's fully healed and barely noticeable. Fiona is about 3 months old and was bred here and bonded with Norah via split tank introduction. Their bonding went off without a hitch and they get along beautifully. They are on the skittish side so are looking for a patient person who doesn't mind that they will take some time and taming to come around. Despite being skittish neither has been nippy. Fiona loves running on the wheel and Norah is a real foodie who loves trying new treats.


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