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Gray Agouti


The top color shall be a pure white evenly covered with strong, black ticking over the back and sides down to a dark gray at the roots. The overall appearance is a deep gray agouti (black ticked)coloring. The belly shall be as white as possible. There must be a clear line of demarcation between the top color and white belly with no intermingling of the two colors or tendency for either color to run into each other. The width of the white portion is approximately half the width of the colored upper coat, and just visible when the animal is viewed in profile.


Shall be dark and encircled with distinctive white furs.


Shall be covered with fine gray to white fur.


Shall be both black and white, long and bristling.


Should be white, with a pure white foot desirable. Toenails shall be dark.


Tan or gold fur in the coat; dull or faded coloring; insufficient ticking; toenails not of the correct color.

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