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Base coat color may be any standard color other than white. There must be a clear collar of white all the way round the neck. Up to 50% of the gerbil can be white. The face spotting may be a nose and top of head spot pattern or a blaze running from the nose to the top of the head or extending to the collar. Patches of white in the body that form a pleasing pattern are permissible; these do not need to have clear edges. The gerbil should not have a mottled appearance.


Shall be black, dark, ruby, or pink to correspond with standard color, large and bright.


Shall be covered with short, soft fine fur of the standard coloring.


Should be of standard coloring and/ or white.


Four white feet; toenails shall be clear.


Partial (rather than complete) collar; colored fur in the spotting; faded, dull, or off colored coat; fur of any other color in the coat; white hairs in the colored portion of the tail; toenails not of the correct color.

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