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The coat shall be a rich beige with a silvery tint without molt lines or light patches. Points (i.e., tail, feet, ears and nose) shall be dark sepia, as near to black as possible, or chocolate brown. The shading should be gradual and pleasantly blended away from all points, except the tail. Points shall contrast in color. Body from behind ears to start of tail fur roots shall be slightly darker color shading without any sudden change of color down to a pale beige belly.


Shall be dark, large and bright.


Ears shall match the point color.


Shall match the point color.


Shall match other points to the first leg joint. Toenails shall match the point color.


Low contrast between coat and points; off color coat; fur of any other color in the coat; molting; toenails not of the correct color; light feet; white furs in any of the points; a white bib under the chin or white above the lips.

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