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Silver Nutmeg


The under coat shall be cream throughout. The coat of the back should be cream down to the roots with a strong, even, gray ticking. The color fades towards the sides of the animal to produce a ticked, light cream belly with gray ticking and a dark ventral line. The overall effect shall be darker than a Gray Agouti. The nose shall appear slightly darker than the rest of the body. Feet: The feet shall be darker than the belly


Shall be dark


Shall be lightly pigmented and covered with fine light fur.


Shall be dark, long and bristling.


The feet shall be darker than the belly. Toenails shall be brown.


Visible molt line; fur of any other color in the coat; lack of ticking; faded, lightened, or off-color coat; white bib, paws, mustache, or chin; toenails not of the right color.

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