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Libby Hanna

Ornacycline is a tetracycline-based antibiotic available without a prescription, although it has started to become unavailable through some major pet store chains. It is generally sold in pet stores or on the Internet for use in birds. It can be used to treat respiratory infections and other bacterial infections in gerbils, but it should be considered strictly second-class compared to the antibiotics your vet can supply. Ornacycline is of no use in weaning pups with respiratory infections, as they generally are not drinking from the water bottle. It is also not effective with animals so sick that they are not drinking. Since these are the categories of animals most likely to need antibiotics, you will find few if any situations where ornacycline is your best bet. If you decide to use it anyway, use the dosage for a small bird as described on the package, grinding the pills and mixing in water. Place the water in the gerbil's water bottle and replace every 24 hours. Use for a full 10 days, not 5 days as listed on the package

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