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Libby Hanna

Cathy Bickel

You've looked in your gerbils' cage, and found blood.


Some possible causes:

  • Fighting: if the gerbils are actively fighting, or if one has bite wounds, they will need to be separated. See the section on Declanning.
  • Injury from a sharp spot on a cage toy. See the section on Injury.
  • Toenail loss: see the section on Toenail Loss.
  • Ear infection: if the gerbil's ear is hurting, he may scratch at it. He will need antibiotics and pain medication. See the section on Ear Infection.
  • Ear growth: an ear growth may be annoying him or be painful, also causing him to scratch. See the section on Tumors.
  • Scent gland tumor: the gerbil may have a scent gland tumor that he's bothering. See the sections on Scent Gland and Tumors.
  • Other external tumors: these may be tumors that bleed due to their nature, or growths that the gerbil is picking at.
  • Blood in the urine: he will need to go to the vet. This could mean an infection. See the section on Urinary Tract Infection.
  • Mating: occasionally a few drops of blood appear during mating. This is normal.
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