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Libby Hanna

2020 updates by Cathy Bickel

Injuries are most likely to occur in pups. Most often injuries are accidental, involving a fall or being injured by a wheel. Occasionally a careless parent or older sibling can injure a pup. Adult gerbils are most often injured during handling, or from being dropped.


Dislocations and fractures will cause an animal to favor that leg. Some swelling may be noted. Splinting is impossible because the patient, or his parents or cage-mates, would simply chew off any splint, possibly inflicting worse damage. Allowing nature to heal the injury is the only real option.


A fracture that happens too easily in an older gerbil is sometimes a sign of an underlying, age-related disease.


When to see the vet


If the animal stops eating or drinking or shows symptoms of illness, it may need pain relief in order to heal. Your vet can provide very effective medications for pain relief. You should also see the vet if any bone is protruding from the break site, or if the limb is twisted very badly such that amputation might be necessary.



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