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CP Agouti


The overall appearance is a white belly gerbil with cinnamon coloring and nicely shaded points. The top coat should be pure white with even cinnamon ticking, and the roots shall be medium brown. The belly should be white and there should be a clear line of demarcation between the top color and the belly with no intermingling of the colors. The width of the white underbelly is approximately half that of the upper colored coat and just visible when the animal is viewed in profile.The nose shall appear slightly darker than the rest of the body.


The eyes shall be dark.


The ears should be brown covered with fine white hair and shall appear darker than the rest of the body.


The whiskers should be white and brown.


The feet should be white with dark brown nails.


Insufficient ticking; color tending toward gray or yellow; toenails not of the correct color; molt line.

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