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The coat shall be short and dense with a distinct rippled or curled pattern. The fur shall be plush, springy, and resistant to being smoothed. The coat shall be evenly textured from the base of the ears to rump.


Shall be black, dark, ruby, or pink to correspond with standard color, large and bright.


Shall be covered with short, soft fine fur to match coat.


Whiskers are a defining feature. Whiskers should be curled in all directions and shall spray out from the nose in a tight fashion. There should be as few straight whiskers as possible.


The feet and nails should match coat color and marking pattern. The bottoms of the hind feet should appear wooly.


Bald spots, thin fur, straight, smooth or flat, straight whiskers, straight guard hairs. Special remarks: during live and virtual shows, gerbils must be presented with natural hair with no additional sprays, colorants, or gels. Sand baths are permitted.

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