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The coat color shall be a creamy white down to the skin, with the exception of the rich, apricot to orange color point masking and tail. The range in color is from a golden to a rich orange. Consideration should be given to the age of the gerbil. While a white coat is ideal, younger Schimmels may have a faded apricot color coat while an older gerbil’s coat may be faded to almost completely white. Pups will be orange in color and may or may not have begun or completed their molt into the adult coat.


Shall be either ruby (for a RE Schimmel) or dark (for a Schimmel), large and bright.


The ears shall be covered with apricot colored fur to match the tail.


Shall be white, long and bristling.


The feet shall be covered with fine white fur. Toenails shall be neutral in color (i.e., clear and without pigment).


Missing, dull or faded points; excessive apricot in the body; fur of any other color in the coat; white hairs in the tail; toenails not of the right color.

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